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R.H.G. Productions is an art/music/game production company started by Ethan Cyr, with his the help of other artists and friends, mainly Caleb Kuball, Isaac Auslander and Carlos Lavezzari.
You can contact us for commissions, or just fun, at RHGproductions@gmail.com

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Game Design Section

Hello all. So as some may have noticed I, Ethan Cyr, have not been posting here as much as I used to. This is mostly due to me being in college, working on becoming a game designer/artist. I have, for a class assignment been maintaining a blog on another site about the game I have been designing. I am planning on transitioning this blog from Board Game Geek to here, so as to keep all in the loop on my current game design work. I will be adding a section that you can check to see the status of games I am working on, and possibly play some. The game I have spent this past semester working on is a board game called Dungeon Hunt: Medusa's Lair, and I should have a link up soon for anyone who wants to download the game pieces so that they can play it. I feel that game design is a new and powerful outlit for artistic creativity and I hope that all of you who somehow give us those couple hundred views per month enjoy!
You can view my past blog posts about Dungeon Hunt Medusa's Lair here:

-Red Hoodie

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