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R.H.G. Productions is an art/music/game production company started by Ethan Cyr, with his the help of other artists and friends, mainly Caleb Kuball, Isaac Auslander and Carlos Lavezzari.
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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Stan Stanielson

These are just a handful of pictures from my current project named Stan Stanielson. Stan is an android inhabiting a dress form I purchased for five dollars off of a guy in Tompkins Square Park. The screen will soon be showing Stan's face rather then the basic RaspBerry Pi screen that it currently has. As of now it is still in the early Alpha stage of its existence. The end goal is for Stan to have something close to an AI and be able to move its arm and to be able to move around of its own accord. 

Stan in their full glory
The detached arm with no hand. The hand will soon have sensors that allow stan to react to someone touching it.

A bad pic of the RaspBerry Pi screen that will soon be replaced with a pair of eyes.

from behind

Stan currently stands on a dolly. I plan to attach a motor to each side with wheels allowing Stan controlled movement 
The Raspberry Pi that Stans mind will soon reside in

- Red Hoodie

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