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R.H.G. Productions is an art/music/game production company started by Ethan Cyr, with his the help of other artists and friends, mainly Caleb Kuball, Isaac Auslander and Carlos Lavezzari.
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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

iPhone 8x4

Sadly due to the loss of my actual phone, which was an Android, a number of the pictures of the process that was involved with making this piece have been lost. Below are what few I have. The project was started as part of a school assignment in September for my senior project at the NYC iSchool. I researched and wrote a paper on all the things that go into making smart phones, including the labor and horrid working conditions. I learned about many many companies and their poor treatment of their workers but decided to target apple due to the connotation they carried. Apple has formed a very strong image of it products as powerful, clean and perfect machines. I wanted it to be huge with a black back as a call to the Monolith of 2012 a space Odyssey, the way it had guided man it now feels people allow their phone to guide them

The sides are made of 2 x 4, and the screen is stretched canvas with ply wood put over it. I hand painted all the lettering, and dear lord do I have a stronger appreciation for calligraphy

This is the digital mock up I made for the screen and what I based the painting off of. I used an older version of the interface because I wanted to ring a bell about the older phones that had been so easily discarded.
The final product standing next to me
across the street from the apple store,
this was taken by my father that being the only
reason I have it now

Next week I'll unveil a project me and the Pink Hoodie
                have been working on.   Red Hoodie

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