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R.H.G. Productions is an art/music/game production company started by Ethan Cyr, with his the help of other artists and friends, mainly Caleb Kuball, Isaac Auslander and Carlos Lavezzari.
You can contact us for commissions, or just fun, at RHGproductions@gmail.com

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Update On things

So there are a couple of things I've been meaning to say.
First off the iPhone 8x5 was a success outside the flagship Apple store in midtown Manhttan until it was put into a trash compactor by the police. (see picture below) I will also put up a post of the making of behind the iPhone next week.
Second we now have a schedule for posting here from our main artists. Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday expect uploads of art and updates on what is in the works.
Third and last is the current RHG project that me and Orange Hoodie are working on, its name is Stan Stanielson and there will be pictures soon.
We are also open to commissions and requests... just saying.

Red Hoodie

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